Thursday, 28 June 2012

Effect of Adultery on Texas Divorce

Divorce taken anywhere is the world would be tough and painful but when couples do not respect the relationship and play with the emotions of the partner, divorce is the only solution left with the partners. Adultery is one of the major grounds for people to part ways from each other. In Texas adultery is not considered as a big offense and the person is neither sent to the jail nor is he/she asked to pay a fine. However, according to the laws prevailing in Texas, one can easily obtain a divorce on the grounds of adultery in the state of Texas. Adultery in a Texas divorce plays a major role as it enables the person in getting divorce easily and without any hassle. 

There are other ways of obtaining divorce in Texas but in case of adultery, divorce is granted easily and it is a fast process as well. Adultery can be proved by showing proofs that one of the partners was having a relationship with someone outside the relationship. This can also be termed as having physical intimacy with someone outside the boundaries of a legal relationship. In order to get a divorce under the grounds of adultery, it is necessary to file a divorce within six months of adultery. If documents are not filled within six months, no further action can be taken against it. This clause is for those couples who continue to stay together after the act of adultery done by one of the spouses.

The divorce law of adultery in Texas states that to get divorce on the grounds of adultery, it is necessary to provide as much proofs and evidences as possible regarding it. Dates, places and things play a major role in getting the things sorted out in the best possible way as the court only believes evidences. Although it is not necessary to mention the name of the person with whom the adulterous act took place but the evidences should be true and accurate. The person who does the act of adultery cannot apply for divorce himself as he is at fault in this case.

Effects of adultery in a Texas divorce is that it enables the person to free himself of a painful relationship. If the evidences are authentic, divorce can be done at a fast pace and can be easily obtained. Spouses can also file a case of misbehaviour against the spouse who has committed a big crime. After the evidences are submitted in the court, it is the duty of the judge to decide whether the evidences are true or false and whether divorce should be given or not. The custody of the child is also given to the person who has not committed any mistake. The court asks the financially stronger partner to provide the other spouse with child custody and spousal care amount so that they can live their life comfortably. The amount should be provided until the child becomes independent. Spousal care amount is to be provided till the time the custodial spouse is able to earn a living for herself and take care of the child.