Sunday, 29 July 2012

Divorce without Lawyer

Taking divorce was never easy and the whooping prices that the lawyers charge to fight the case, makes it all the more difficult for the couples to take a divorce. In Texas, the fees of the lawyers is sky high and that is why the couples try to take divorce without a lawyer. Various rules and regulations are set in this regard by the government; the couple should make sure that they follow all those rules in order to get a hassle free divorce. Taking divorce without a lawyer is all the more tough as the person has to take care that he is following all the rules and regulations that the government has set regarding divorce. He should have in depth knowledge of all the formalities that both the partners have to complete so that no legal problems arise later on. Some of the major things that the couple has to keep in mind while taking a divorce without a lawyer are given below:

  • Discuss all the relevant points that can prove to be a matter of concern between the two while taking a divorce so that the terms and conditions can be set on a separation agreement. Both the partners should be in favor of the terms set.
  • One needs to buy a divorce kit that is available on-line so as to start the process of divorce. This kit contains the documents such as instructional papers and divorce forms. All these forms should be filled by the two so as to take divorce. These sites provide all the required help for the person to go through the process of divorce without a lawyer.
  • The partner fighting the case should have in depth knowledge about the rules and regulations that are to be followed while taking divorce. In case the methods he/ she uses are not authentic, the case would not be considered valid.
  • The reason behind taking divorce should be mentioned in the form. It should be made clear whether the divorce is a “no-fault divorce” or a “fault divorce”. In case the ground for taking divorce is fault based, all those faults should be mentioned in the documents so that it becomes easier for the judge to give the verdict.

Divorce without a lawyer can be a bit tough as the couples should have adequate knowledge about the laws regarding divorce prevailing in their state. The process can be easy if you know all the details of filing a divorce and the procedure that is followed by the court.

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