Monday, 2 July 2012

Divorce Grounds in Texas

Every state in United States of America has their defined set of grounds for divorce. However when you are applying for divorce you need to make sure that you have enough proof to support your ground for divorce. You need to prove to it to the court that your marital situation has gone beyond the stage of repair and only divorce is the way out. There are 7 defined divorce grounds in Texas and Insupportability tops the list as a ground for the highest number of divorce cases. Other than Insupportability other divorce grounds are abandonment, adultery, convection of a felony, living separate for three years and mental illness.
Given below are the grounds explained in detail:

  • Insupportability- The highest number of divorce cases in Texas were filled on the ground of insupportability. If a married couple feels that they have drifted away in their own lives and there is nothing left to give in the marriage and it is better to part ways than to drag a dead marriage. The divorce cases based on the ground of Insupportability are mostly no fault divorce.

  • Abandonment: A marriage is ultimately broken if one of the partners has deserted the other one and is living a separate live. In this scenario a divorce can be filled.

  • Adultery: One of the most common reasons behind divorce around the globe is adultery. It does not matter who did it or why did it, it brings along a lot of agony and disgust to the family. The feeling of distrust can destroy the foundation of any marriage. However with the increasing cases of celebrities getting involved in it, the tolerance level of infidelity has gone higher.

  • Conviction: If any of the married partners is convicted for any crime and is given prison sentence, then a divorce case can be filled on this ground.

  • Living separate for three years: If a married couple is living separate and are leading different lives for three years or more then a divorce can be asked for on this ground. Divorce cases on this case are mostly no fault divorce.

  • Mental illness: If a person is mentally ill and needs medical treatment, then it is impossible for that person to take care of the family. On this ground divorce can be asked. The court grants divorce on this ground.

  • Cruelty: Any kind of domestic violence is a straight ground for divorce. Domestic violence includes verbal abuse, emotional abuse and physical abuse. Divorce petition can be filled on this reason as it is one of the strongest ground for divorce. 

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